Key decision-makers expect the best from the people and the best from there recruitment partner which is why they choose AdvisoryKONNECT for our high calibre industry knowledge executive level network of contact professionals we pride ourselves with honesty and confidentiality

AdvisoryKONNECT's innovative approach to tech recruiting grew out of our experience working with some of the market’s top ITO Companies. Our IT recruiters not only understand what drives ITO candidates, they comprehend the positions’ technical skills and are able to relate to candidates. This, coupled with recruiting expertise, leads to a creative IT recruitment strategy that yields impressive results.

We recognise that filling workforce skills gaps in a highly competitive technology market is difficult. Our specialised technology recruitment team creates influential candidate experiences that transform your company’s job openings into exciting opportunities that speak directly to technology candidates. While our recruitment professionals effectively fill your technology positions, they’ll also build your employment brand so top-notch IT and engineering candidates are talking about your company.

We are a premier supplier of technology recruitment services. We have been recruiting as specialists in this space since the dawn of the digital era. We have more experience and more global spread than perhaps any other company in the world. We offer an international talent search service that is unrivalled and that is why we have a number of customers who we have worked with in not one but over 50 countries individually.

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